Brief Introduction of Jaw Crusher

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What is really a jaw crusher ? A crusher shaped like a jaw? Of course not! Jaw Crusher comprises swing jaw and static jaw. It truly is the developed by imitating the motion of animals' two jaws. Jaw crusher is a type of crusher employed for materials crashing. It is widely utilised such industries as metallurgy, developing supplies market, water conservancy and chemical business. The highest compressive strength of material should be under 320Mpa. And much more certain data will probably be provided bellow.

Main components

1. Rack

Rack can be a rigid frame which is designed to withstand reacting force of materials to be crashed. The rack ought to have adequate strength and rigidity. Usually, it really is formed by cast steel. Homemade little jaw crusher could be produced by welding thick steel plate together.

2. Driving medium

Eccentric shaft is the principal axis of a crusher. It really is produced of high-carbon steel and ought to bear the bend torsion. Eccentric part wants fine machining and heat treatment. Meanwhile the bearing lining must be cast from Babbitt metal. Belt wheel is set up at a single end of the eccentric shaft. With the other finish, flywheel is set up.

3. Jaw plate and side guard plate

Swing jaw and static jaw are made separately from jaw bed and jaw board. The jaw board is the work portion which can be fixed around the jaw board by the bolt and drill key. The jaw bed is static jaw will be the fore bulkhead of the rack. The jaw bed of the swing jaw is sturdy and rigid, so it could withstand the reverse force. That is why the jaw bed is made of cast steel and iron casting.

Operating instruction


Check the lubrication situation with the bearing and make sure it really is perfect. Spend attention for the fasteners. They has to be fixed tightly. Ensure that the protective gadget is in excellent condition. If any of the protective devices is out of order, please repair it immediately.


If the connection in between the machine and the gearing is tight then you definitely can start the machine. The operator need to cease the machine in time when he/she uncover something abnormal. Prior to beginning it yet again, the operator ought to have settled the problem.

Now that I've introduced you the key elements and operating directions in regards to the Jaw crusher , you should have a huge image of what the jaw crusher is. You will find it beneficial whichever goal you have. That is this report will help all of you. If you are a reader with out any intention, this will likely be a supplementary reading in machinery. If you're a jaw crusher buyer, this report will give some guidance. Should you be jaw crusher operator, you are going to know the dos and don'ts for the duration of operation.

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Brief Introduction of Jaw Crusher

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Brief Introduction of Jaw Crusher

This article was published on 2011/09/22